About Us

Our company is founded on four generations of tradition and experience, through which we have developed valuable asset management skills, to the benefit of those who entrust us with management of their assets. The presence of the Tardif family in the financial service world dates back to 1928, when Mr. Alphonse Tardif founded the “Corporation de Prêt et Revenu” company. Over the years, the company has grown to a financial conglomerate including a trust company, a life insurance company and a property and casualty insurance company. These institutions have been part of the Quebec financial landscape for decades.

Since then, members of the Tardif family have continuously managed companies offering personal financial services. Following Mr. Alphonse Tardif, his son, Mr. Jean-Paul Tardif, took over operations for forty years, handing over leadership to his son, Mr. Paul Tardif. Although control of “Trust Prêt et Revenu” was sold in 1996, Mr. Paul Tardif formed Eterna Investment Management, a portfolio management company, shortly after and re-acquired the private management business he had founded several years earlier. Since then, he has devoted his energies to building Eterna Financial Group through the creation of Eterna Trust, a trust company, Eterna Financial Services, a mutual-fund broker, and Eterna Insurance, a personal insurance firm.

His son, Mr. Pierre Olivier Tardif, joined in 2012, continuing the family tradition of providing professional financial services.

With a reliable team of 35 people, some of whom have worked together for nearly 40 years, Eterna Financial Group has gained a reputation as leader in the financial sector. With over $1.3 billion in assets under management, Eterna Financial Group continues to grow, becoming an established and renowned institution in Quebec and Canada. Our company stands out by offering, under one roof, considerable expertise in investment, personal insurance and trust services, i.e. the full range of services required for complete and integrated wealth management.

Always attentive to the wishes and specific needs of each client, Eterna Financial Group emphasizes personal relationships based on integrity, discretion and excellence in the services rendered.