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Your Information on Our Online Services

This page explains how we handle all the information we collect from you when you use our online services. By accessing or using our online services, you accept the Terms and Conditions contained on this page.

Collection of Information on Our Online Services

We may collect certain information about you when you use our online services. This may include the IP address of your device, its unique identifier, information about your Internet browser or operating system and its location. It may also include your browsing preferences and habits, such as the pages you view and use.


We collect information about you primarily through the use of cookies. Certain cookies are necessary to allow you to access and use our online services. Others will measure service performance or improve and enrich service content, or contribute to improving service operation and providing a better experience.

Your Options

Your browser will let you view cookies and control how they are used. You can configure your browser to accept or delete cookies, either individually or collectively. You can also configure your browser to refuse cookies or to request your consent whenever a cookie is transferred to your device. These settings may affect your experience with our online services.

Modification of This Statement

We reserve the right to change the Terms of Use contained on this page at any time. Your continued use of our online services after this date constitutes your acceptance of any changes to these Terms of Use.