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Wealth Management
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Portfolio Management

With the help of a dedicated private wealth manager, we set up a personalized portfolio according to your financial plan and your needs. Our team of investment specialists located in our Quebec City and Montreal offices makes investment decisions based on a rigorous investment process, fostering constant communication with our managers.

Investment Approach and Philosophy

We prioritize capital preservation and reasonable growth of our clients’ assets through investments in high-quality companies with attractive valuations. We strive for a healthy balance between company performance and associated risks.

Investment Vehicles

Depending on your assets under management and your personalized investment policy, we will suggest the right products for your particular needs. Through segregated management, or our range of Eterna funds reserved exclusively for our clients, your manager will recommend the optimal formula to meet your investment objectives with proper diversification.

Asset Management

Our asset management strategies

Canadian Equity Fund
Income Fund
Bond Fund
Short-term Bond Fund
Quebec Equity Fund