Services to Companies

Investment Fund Services

Eterna Trust works with mutual and segregated fund companies to develop customized solutions. With 20 years in this field, the company offers the following:

  • Recordkeeping
  • Fund accounting / valuation
  • Tax returns
  • Asset Custody
  • Bilingual client support

Financial Statement Preparation and Audit Support

We support the annual audit process of our clients’ investment funds by drafting their annual or half-yearly financial statements. Our in-house experts compile the financial data required to produce each fund’s financial statements. These financial statements comply with IFRS standards and are presented in the format and frequency required under applicable laws, including provincial securities laws. In addition, we produce the documents necessary for auditors to assist them in preparing annual financial statements.

Fund Valuation

We issue and maintain records on net asset value, including income and expenses incurred by investment funds. We also calculate net asset value per unit, income factors and capital gain distributions to unitholders of your funds; we provide timely statements on these values.

Tax Return Preparation

In order to simplify your tax return process, Eterna Trust prepares provisional income tax returns for your funds. Our accounting and taxation specialists coordinate the preparation of your trust income tax returns (T3) with your tax professional.

Asset Administration and Custody

Eterna Trust offers asset administration and custody services. It subcontracts asset custody to an important Canadian bank.