Institutionnal Services

The institutional services are available to pension funds, corporations, religious institutions and foundations. They are a valuable asset for organizations wishing to adopt an investment policy that meets their obligations to act with prudence and diligence. Eterna Investment Management offers a unique offer for its institutional clients with a broad range of investment asset classes and different style of management solutions through.

The expertise of our portfolio managers and the flexibility of our company allow us to provide specialized management services adapted to your organization. Depending on the specific needs, we design a tailored investment strategy. Moreover, Eterna Trust can assume, at low cost, the many administrative tasks associated with the operation of a pension plan or a foundation.

Investment Strategy

Fixed Revenu :

  • Short-term Bond Strategy
  • Bond Strategy
  • Enhanced Bond Strategy
  • Income Strategy

Stocks :

  • Québec Equity Strategy
  • Canadian Equity Strategy
  • American Equity Strategy
  • Global Equity Focus Strategy
  • International Equity Strategy