Eterna insurance is an independent personal insurance firm offering life insurance and living benefits services and products from major insurance companies operating in Canada. The firm offers a wide range of products designed to suit your needs and goals in protecting your wealth and its transfer to the next generation.

Objective analysis and recommendations are the key to ensuring that you make the right decisions regarding your personal wealth management. The fundamental principles guiding our company are extensive product knowledge, attention to your needs and rigorous analysis of your unique situation.

Regulators require that we have full knowledge of facts before providing information or making recommendations. This involves gathering information during meetings and discussions, in the strictest confidence and respect for your family, financial and estate situations. We offer this service in conjunction with our legal, financial and tax counselling services, always with the aim of providing personalized and optimal solutions.

Thus, you will have access to advisory services in life insurance, disability and critical illness, which will allow you to:

  • Put your financial plan into perspective;
  • Establish cohesion between all aspects of your financial situation, in order to have a comprehensive picture;
  • Review your insurance portfolio to ensure that existing contracts meet requirements for wills, protection mandates in case of incapacity, trust deeds, marriage, civil union or cohabitation agreements, shareholders’ agreements, etc.;
  • Assess potential financial losses that may jeopardize your goals, projects or financial security;
  • Ensure that your insurance portfolio is in line with your goals, values and situation.